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February 10, 2013


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Ya'll niggaz can't shoot for shit

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2013, 5:03 AM
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While everyone is going all crazy about the LADP cop-killer Chris Dorner, I look at it through the prism of hypocristy.

The deal is that unlike with all the previous rampages - if you can call 3 corpses on his list an actual rampage - this guy gets excused by the media because he was bullied at work and "witnessed injustice to the black community and himself". You know, a cart blanche for murder is just splendind. When this guy gets caught - and he WILL get caught, because he's clearly not a planner but a psychotic random nigga - watch how the usually intolerant to cop-killing Murrica will try to justify Dorners murders on "institutional racism" and "white privilege". Oh, the circus that would ensue.

Yeah, white privilege. This guy got into fucking Marines. I, in my own lily-white country didn't get into special forces and had to stick with motorized infantry. Yet this piece of shit got into the elites, worked there with half-success and then still whined he was underprivileged.

It seems that all you need to do to get off the hook when committing crimes is to blame white people for "pushing you", to blame "guns" for corrupting you, to blame "racism" for destabilizing your psyche. I'm mad because this should work for everyone, if it works for blacks. I'm for equality of excuses. I'm trying to come up with a manifesto that would totaly whitewash - no pun intended - the heinous acts that I might commit.

I'm still thinking about it. Maybe if I label myself a Muslim or a transethnic nigger inside? I don't know.

You know, I'm ok with cops. Back in the day, sure, during rallies there were unpleasant things happening, but in general I always understood with what amount of bullshit they have to go through - caught between the hammer and the anvil, so to speak. It were cops who, when I was drunk and got into custody, prevented me from drowning on my own fucking vomit. I'll never go ACAB or someshit like this, they're the inner military, and military is military. I respect it.

But hey - if the guy felt this way, it's normal. I understand that people can get fed up with some shit. I feel fed up with some shit. The only thing in this dynamic that I'm interested in, is why THIS guy's reasoning is ok, and WILL be invoked in the court as a excusatory motive, and say, Anders' Breivik's reasoning was considered not only offensive and making his case worse, but also made him appear crazy?

Why is it ok and honorable to kill people because you're fed up with your colleagues calling your a nigger or acting in a way you presume offensive to a non-white ethnicity or someshit, but if you kill people because you're fed up with them KILLING YOUR PEOPLE, trashing your life and threatetning your existence in your own damn country, that's warranting a more severe response?

For example. The latest MVD (russian law enforcement) statistcs unveiled that an overwhelming majority of heavy crime - about 60% (murder, aggravated assault and rape) in Moscow is carried out by illegal and legal work migrants from Central Asia and Caucasus. Somehow we're expected to swallow it. If I went out and started killing every non-russian in sight because chances are that they are criminals, would I get cheered on by the western and even russian media? NO. I wouldn't. In fact, if I was caught and sentenced I'd get a bigger sentence, not to mention the cries of "racism, racism" all around. Hate crime.

But this dude goes out and kills his fellow cops due to presumed "corruption" in the LAPD and he gets appraised. It's no hate crime that he targeted only white people, because that's why we deserve? It's not strange that he gets appraised by his people, of course not. We did praise Breivik, didn't we? But if there's two sides of the coin, it means that black and whites are in an actual civil war - a quiet civil war that just gets fueled by the fact that it's covered up. I just wish it went full-blown out in the open so we white people should stop pretending and pushing this shit under the carpet, while endangering out safety.

Blacks hate our guts, and we hate theirs - this is just the rare cases when this doesnt get swept under the rug.

In any case, Chris Dorner is a funny fellow. He served in active duty, worked in LAPD, and killed 3 people while in his manifesto he promised to bring war. I feel sorry for the dude - he wanted real action, but fucked it up.  All his training and expertise amounted to a poof, to NOTHING. Typical of black people - lots of chest pumping and calling yourself king, and as a result we see just a tiny little fart.

Niggaz can't fight for shit. There's zero planing, a messy and ineffective execution. And then social watchdogs ask why there is so little "diversity" in special forces. There's your answer - a trained killer that pales in comparison to civvies like Brievik and the crazy-ass James Holmes. It's just golden and I'm laughing my ass off despite the tragedy of the situation.

And I dunno - how funny it is that this libertarian murderer is PRO GAY and ANTI-GUN? I mean, I don't understand what kind of mess these people have in their heads. But then, liberals and libertarians are quite crazy. They only pretend to be all about peace and equality and tolerance - and they fly off the handle the second their masturbatory fantasies of percieved oppressions are negated.
People love to bring up Timothy McVeigh as a horrific right-wing terrorist, and completly forget on Jim Jones - a marxist that had cited the Bible to be "made up by white men to subjugate people of color", that had raised black kids and overall propagated mixture and liberal socialist values. Not only Jim Jones played a part in assasinating a US Congressman, but he manipulated NINE HUNDRED PEOPLE to kill themselves in a mass suicide ritual.

That's what liberals are. Black or white, doesn't matter. Delusional, messianic, rejective of reality and deadly. Deadly not in a cold, professional way - but in a way of scrappy IED assembled by a dirty guerilla assface.

I'm trying to come up with a valuable excuse for myself, when and if I'll ever fly off the handle. What kind of "ism", what kind of bullying that can justify the actions and mindset I have? I think, and find none - after all, I'm an able-bodied white male, impervious to feelings and emotion. I guess I'll have to bear the full brunt of guilt and responsibility. Or lie that I'm gay.

Well, white people rarely shy from responsibility for their actions. And blacks have a history on blaming it on their pinky controlled by a witch doctor through vile machinations.

Oh, the modern world... You just need to find an emotion-laden word to turn zero into hero. Even when the nigga hero can't shoot for shit.

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I'm just stalking your journals.

Holy sh*t, you sound batshit insane.

You're living in a totally different world to me, one where it's all about race. Dayum. What's with all the paranoia? What makes you think "blacks hate us and we hate them?" Sounds like projection to me...speak for yourself. Your hateful attitude and paranoia causes this kind of delusional projection, where you see your own reality reflected in others, and believe it to be objective. I mean, seriously? I
In the U.S. Marines are deployed as standard infantry now. Army troops are just pencil-pushers now. The guys that are supposed to be basic infantry are now "Special forces." Marines ar just infantry, not spec ops.
gunmoon Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That Chris Dorner guy just worshipped Big Gooberment, Odumbo, and gay-ass gun control!
That was one good read, y'all.

It would be nice if we could all just agree to throw the entire "race & colour" shit into the trash can (just for a moment), so that we could look at each other as another human; not a blacky or a whitey; and so that we could FUCKING HANG that bastard, Dorner, and forget his sorry ass.

Of course it's just me thinking nonsense. I'm sure the liberals would rally their ass-cavalary and throw the OPRESSION!!1!-card, should a solution like that ever come up.

Though, what do i care?
'Tis afterall the land of opportunities we're talking about...

[link] [link]

It seems a lot of liberal moonbats loves the mulatto.

"For example. The latest MVD (russian law enforcement) statistcs unveiled that an overwhelming majority of heavy crime - about 60% (murder, aggravated assault and rape) in Moscow is carried out by illegal and legal work migrants from Central Asia and Caucasus."

Prolly an even greater number if "citizens" are included.

"I'm trying to come up with a valuable excuse for myself, when and if I'll ever fly off the handle."

It may just come on its own, good thing chechens can´t handle atomics.
Your old journal skin was better.
Medikun Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The glory of this journal is, to me, that you might be a dick about it, atleast you're honest.
It's a good read. Don't agree with all of it, but quite alot.
Hoping to see more of this.
metalzerofour Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
"...latest MVD statistics unveiled that an overwhelming majority of heavy carried out by illegal and legal work migrants from Central Asia and Caucasus"


Somehow, I'm really not surprised.
EnuoCale Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I wonder what will happen if in 50-75 years Europe gets swarmed with radical muslisms in large enough numbers that they start dictating the law. Will the people who were only pretending to be tolerant because they have a limited scope and saw things which weren't directly in front of them as nonexistant still pretend to be that way?
The Marines are part of the Navy but are not the Elite of the military, that would be the Navy Seals.
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