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December 14, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 14, 2012, 6:59 AM
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- 5 - by Future-Blitzkrieg :thumb175694662: :thumb101102976: Stamp - Second Amendment by MauserGirl
:thumb47507256: Love Gasmasks Stamp by junkpile Warning....barbed wire by Big-Argonian
Combichrist by Hitmontop :thumb123004417: EBM addicted by RideFire
:thumb85682633: Violence? Yesplz by Weeniemann Sarcasm is my native language by Frostpebble
Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN :thumb63442304:

So, let's talk about some non-politisized shit.

First thing first: Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" is coming up, and being the derp I am, I didn't know it was supposed to be trilogy. What the fuck. How do you drag a really concise and linear (until the end) plot into THREE TWO-HOUR MOVIES? HOOOOOW? Jackson. The fuck you're doing. Jackson. STAHP.

On my part, I'll be a happy drunkard for the next week, since corporate parties are kicking in. Besides drinking and shit, this also means that presents from companies start flowing this New Year's tradition of showering journalists with mostly useless, but sometimes pretty nifty gifts is why I like industrial IT journalism. People trying to please you, it's so nice.

I really hope that nVidia, Huwaei or Microsoft pack something in Ded Moroz's bag for me)

Speaking of presents, my birthday is coming up this here Sunday, and this year I'm so updated with gadgets and gear SWAG that all I could think of in terms of giving myself is a hooker and a Samsung hi-fi system.

Yerp. But there's still my humble wishlist:

Free Image Hosting at
Yes, I want a Windows Phone and a Nokia. But, my current Galaxy Note is still live and kicking so it'd be too dumb to sell it while it's scratched and not in mint condition. So guess this black matte slab of WinPhone beauty is up to next year.

Free Image Hosting at
Tactical gloves, Blackhawk, awww yisss. Realized I need some after going to the shooting range last week. Been freezing my fingers off.

Free Image Hosting at
And the up-coming hit a civilian (semi-auto) version of Kalashnikov AK-12. When this fucker was introduced to hit the markets in 2013, it made me postpone the acquisition of a Saiga, so now patiently waiting and collecting funds for it.

From guns to gaming. Damn, been replaying Spec Ops again, with the supervision of Brian Keogh's excellent novel-length essay about the game, "Killing is Harmless" - thanks to :iconwalking-maelstrom: (aka WM) who've sent me the PDF. Google that shit, it's worth it.

Parallely been playing some of dat "Hitman: Absolution" and "Halo 4", but in careful doses, because they're my main gaming attractions for the upcoming 3-week vacations. What can I say great games insofar, but I have a feeling that Spec Ops spoiled a lot of fun in gaming for me.

Speaking about vacation can't wait to ski, and to finish all the art shit I've been postponing, including YES giftart that I've been lazily scribbling under the workload at my editorial. So expect epic shit rolling after New Years, after I sober up. Speaking of it, I'm gonna attempt a "Redraw This after X Years" meme and keeping my resolution, I'm drawing more and more on my Note 10.1 tablet and uploading this shit.

Hrm. Another thing of interest I have Skype now, complete with a Plantronics gaming headset (courtesy of :iconros-kovac:, hehe), so I'm available for some DUH REAL LIFE chatting and shit. You're all stalkers, and this is crazy, but here's my msn tag live:kombatxunit88 so Skype me, maybe?

And speaking of all this shit, here's two promotions, be sure to tell the artists how much they rock:

The Line by Ros-Kovac (printing this badass piece when I get my hands on the editorial's plotter in A3)

try_one_by_storykillinger_by_torture_device by Inkary

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Harder to "deal" with that black or caucasian burglar with a rotten liver.
So you can voice talk now? Does this mean we can get into verbal arguments over petty shit now?

Because I'm game.
torture-device Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, it means that we can't, really.

I don't have time to waste on petty shit and on people who perpetuate petty shit.
Aw please, but it'd be fun.

We might actually have a decent chaaat.
>>Nice post about fun things
>>Very few comments
>>Dark post with controversial opinions

And I notice most of the people on here are regulars on your page. So it seems you have a lot of cunts watching you, waiting to crawl out of the woodwork and bitch you out for being deep.

16th here, happy fuckin birthday cunt lips.
imho Jackson is just a nerd spergin' over a children's book.

One movie should have been enough, but whatevs, I'll still see them all anyway.
TicklesPickles Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
You were born December 16th then? Cool, Happy Early birthday (It's the 15th here so idk I might be wrong), you're gonna die eventually. But anyways, IF you like people trying to please you all the time then you must love d.A, what with these people bending their own beliefs to match yours just to feel "accepted" by you.
Couldn't get into reading the Hobbit. I got as far as the bit where they're in Bilbo's house being rude and stuff then went "Bugger it this is boring."

Doesn't mean I won't watch the film versions though. I got really excited when I heard about this film but then I learned I probably won't be seeing a CGI'd Smaug until the 3rd film and was a little disappointed.

And I'd just looove to hear your sexy Russian voice. I'd let you hear mine but I've got a cold at the moment.
StephenFauster Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't like how they'd incorporated the short stories haphazardly as fluff, but it was nice. I love the CG used in the Dwarven Halls.
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