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June 14, 2012


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Crazy-ass world cannibalization

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 2:28 PM
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Okay, Torture-device, the aromantic sexual mecha-curious transhuman bipedal racist sado-realist nazi here speaking...
No, seriously. Some of my friends showed me this new Tumblr-based movement, Social Justice.
And apparently, this social justice thingy is about fighting PRIVILEGE and OPRESSION of people. Well not people, as it turns out. SPECIAL PEOPLE. And as you probably know, the special people are everyone that aren't a white straight able-bodied financially stable male. Which is roughly like the 90% of humanity, but still are considered a minority.
So, this whole Social Justice thing appears to be centered around trannyfucks, and raging pussies, and homogay otherkin pieces of shit. The people that invent ridiculous lables for their percieved sexuality, and claim mental illnesses, and rage on white patriarchy and all that cultural marxist bullcrap. I was reading through all this, through all the black-lipsticked bald bulldykes crying "die straight scum", and idiots claiming they have multiple personalities of Dr. House characters living in their head, through all these whiney wastes of skin and fat that claim that someone else – me – is abusing their privilege, and then I stumbled upon a staple of modern social paradigma.

Some white american chick, claiming she has "headmates" – ie, these multiple personality – was raving on how her parents don't understand her complex "multiplicity" and force her to go to college and get a job. And then, it was like the light of god rained down upon me and I had an epiphany.
All these people, fighting for the petty rights of the "minority", all these people who invent problems with their bodies or minds, who use their ethnicity as a badge of oppressed honor – they just seek and excuse not to work.
That's it. What's behind Tumblr slacktivism. An infantile mindset and terror before work. Aaand, terror and hatered of taxpayers, because when you sit your fat transsexual bipolar otherking autistic ass on welfare, all your internet jollies become dependant on this horrible racist bigoted white dude that sits in an office 24/7 moving numbers around.
Social Justice is an animal that bites the hand that feeds, in classic feral manner, if you want. All these transabled folks, all these sufferers from the multitude of internet-caused mental disease, these psychotic fucks and socially inept black people, they hate normal people because they depend on them. And in order to keep the normal people in this cage, they pressurize us to give up more and more to them.
They become more "special". More "oppressed". More "suffering". Another side to this, are the white people in the strata of "special people demanding special rights". The white people that kind of gave up in this crazy-ass world where normal white people drag the whole planet on and get stoned for it simultaneously, whilst giving handouts to the ingrates. These are the white people who want to get the perks as the blacks, the jews and so on, so they invent a fucking SHITLOAD of causes in order to join the ranks of  "oppressed" and "unprivileged".

Women joined the bandwagon, of course. And I'm glad I live in a non-anglosaxon country and don't experience this firsthand, the rabid feminism and insanity of women's rights – and dozens of other "rights" – movement.
So, being special to get rid yourself of work and responsibility.

And you know, when I realized that, I felt very angry. This whole talk about "privilege", about how my existence as a normal white guy is offensive to dipshit infantile fucknuggets, and I have to somehow give it up and SHARE with worthless bitches that need to be REMINDED EVERYDAY how worthless and useless they are, it all made me very fucking angry. Angry because I work, I pay taxes, little as they are, I integrate and play by the rules. And then, some homo faggot crawls out of his liberal arts college, and goes like "well, I have clinical depression due to the fact I'm being called names on the internet, I demand people be nice to me, and oh, since I'm a transabled person, check your privilege and pay up for me, while I do my creative stuff on this $2000 Macbook Pro and rally people against your bigoted whitey world".
No. Just no. I'll check my 12-gauge semi-auto white privilege and unload it in your ass, piece of shit.
I got angry. Yeah. And then I thought about how weak people are now, psychologically. How sheltered. How utterly unispiring and uneventful their life is that they have to fake dissociative identity disorder, and pretend to be sick when they're just lazy blobs of bad parenting and shitty personalities.
Social Justice is about fighting a reality of a complex world when one has to INVEST themselves, instead of just consume and expect everyone being nice when encountering such parasitic behavior,
So what do we people that have no such luxury of being an amputee dragon trapped in the body of a fat web developer do?

It's a good question. Ironically, most people aren't vanilla-normative, I'm not crazy to believe that. In my opinion, "normality" is a person's innate or rationalized understanding that they have to establish a social contract. Every day I have to stop myself from acting on impulses that might ruin that social contract and result in jailtimes. Is it a mental illness? Not really, the contact with reality is there. Moreover, there is an understanding that this contact is crucial for survival. That is the norm. That allows for a society to exist cohesively.
But is our society cohesive and homogenous? It used to be, when we had our own nations, when we had defined goals, aspirations and dreams as a society. Some were building communism, some were trying to find god – in any case, like it or not, humans reached, in their smaller factions, for specific, ethnicity and culture-based goals as a more or less united entity.

Now, however, it's atomization. With no clear vectors or goals, and with the encouragement of everyone encapsulating themselves in their UNIQUE SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL SELF, people loose contact with reality due to the fact that they are told to focus solely on their own experience, not on a group-based one. Such an enforced solipsism breeds nothing but egocentricity and mental illness, because the physical reality – being around people – doesn't go away. Even worse, the number of people is growing. This must create some serious tension in people, and those with weak cognitive discipline just break down and transform into these infantile, demanding prickshits,
Even a century ago, people had the idea that for example, not everyone will like you and tolerate you, because DUH, people have different ideas and views on things. But now, because all experience is internalized and then projected unto others, the social norm is to demand everyone being fucking nice and tolerant to each other even in cases when logically, an EXACT opposite reaction is appropriate.
And these internalizations of weak, fragile, mentally unstable faggots are hailed as proper societal conduct. That's why these people hate the army for example, because army requires teamwork and ignoring your selfish desires and reactions at times.
I dunno... where's MY hugbox? Where's MY special treatment? MY powerwords, my support group? Nothing like that for straight white able-bodied financially stable males? Nopey? Not for violent racist bigots either?
Because today, I refrained myself for planting a boot on a dirty migrants face, and I had such internal pains about it, who'd hold my hand and tell me that it's the oppressive liberalchy suppressing my right to violence and political discourse? HUH? What if I say I'm a sociopath, can I go on Tumblr and scream DIE EMPATH SCUM, and then get free gifts so I can lay off my grating journalist work?

You know, my friends called Luka Magnotta a narcissitic faggot, and he is one, but I can't help  but think... when everyone is yelling above your ear about their own special lives and how they should be treated for them as fucking heroes and superstars, maybe eating some dead dudes ass-steaks on camera is the only way to rise above this endless solipsist chant?
I often feel – thankfully usually on the internet, but more and more in real life too now – that I'm immersed into hell. So much things disgust me, and it's really impossible to lay off this loathing off your chest. I love to hate, it's a wonderful feeling, but the way everything is rolling down the shitter, with everyone raving about their little petty problems and hurt feelings like it's a fucking genocide...
I want these people to experience real death, pain, terror.
The internet is a good medium to show such things to a wider audience, hence why I think as time goes on and noone does anything about this situation, with people refusing to uphold the social contract, stuff like Magnotta's escapade would just get bigger. And why shouldn't it? Everyone's going crazy, but I, this fucking Atlas, need to swallow, not spit? Stand firm amidst it all.

Maybe it's needed, the sheer narcissistic brutality. I too, would like to grab someone by the shoulders and say: "Listen, you shitpiece of a crusted cunt, stop complaining and go be a nurse before I slit your genderfluid feminist neck". Then maybe the attention to normal words would be there.
Maybe not. But people like I need their entertainment too, and nothing but blood and gore wakes people up. Some fap to it, though. On the other hand, it's easily forgettable, and things just get worse. But as I said, for normal people there is no easy solution. No hugbox, no special treatment - we wouldn't want it either. So it's either stoicism, or a real bloodbath, in the end. 10 atmospheres, the pressure keeps going up.

And where is this higher goal in the name of which I should stomp on my throat and control MY impusles, when the general direction is all about letting yourself go and devolve into a disgusting pile of excrements? Where's the motherfucking trophy? Who's there to tell me "thanks for doing your part in keeping this world afloat"?

I don't know. My head hurts, but there's no pill for that. No solution, but the final solution. Maybe I need to buy a camera.

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CSnyder Jun 26, 2012
shut up moron, you sound so stupid
whine some more please
You know what's most frightening and hellish about all this? I nearly became one of those softies feeding off the system. This fucking job I've got has turned my life into a predictable, safe and comfortable existence, which makes people passive and lazy. Not to mention when the most exciting thing that happens to you for months is dropping your $8 latte, that makes the actual real world where things happen and people are raped and murdered and ripped apart more than a little frightening. I could probably go back to my doctor and cry "I'm stressed!" and get put on cushy paid medical leave again, but you know what? I don't want to. I felt like a leach the last time, even if I was mentally unstable, but I didn't want to take any addictive medications when I knew I'd be able to work my shit out on my own - which I did. I also knew my job was part of my reason for losing my mind though, so it made sense to avoid it. Anyway. I know way too many people who are just feeding off the system. And they're useless! No skills to speak of, bodies usually absolutely incapable of doing any hard physical labour, and brains too soft to come up with anything useful. Where's the Albert Einstein of our time? Well maybe he exists but probably someone introduced him to WoW and iPhones and Anxiety Disorder so now he just hides in his basement and has anxiety attacks when he can't log onto the WoW network.
ImmaculateReprobate Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This be funny > [link]
ImmaculateReprobate Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
About 2% of people are on welfare, more whites are on welfare than blacks but not by a large amount especially considering that blacks are a minority. about 6% of people are gay.(Whites being the race with the most homosexuals.)

Referring to these people as representing such a large portion of the population is insulting. You're a normal person, any normal person would know just from taking a walk outside that most of the fucked up freaks on the internet are just that, freaks. Rarely encountered out there, no one irl that I know has watched my little pony.

You'd probably have a stronger impact if you ditched the racism and focused on the behavior. It's a bit backwards anyway. I mean take asians, they make more money, have higher grades and are just generally better in school, less prone to any of the society destroying behavior. You're a paragon to Joe the Plumber right now, but he's not in the 1%, the majority of the people that are the 1% in North America at least are millionaires and the likes. And I doubt any of them come to DA to read journals.

Regardless it's refreshing to see someone bringing some reality to these people. They're a fucked up mentally unstable minority, with no power and the only people they can relate to are on the internet.
Where are these percentages from?
ImmaculateReprobate Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your momma's cunt.
Ouch, how scarring, scathing and insulting.

Help, help, I am being offended over dem intrenets!
ImmaculateReprobate Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh shit D: someone call the Waahmbulance! There's a redundant verbose internet fag being sarcastic!!
Srs thou, which country have 2% living on welfare? Finland?

Last time I checked, the United States officially have 46 millions living on welfare, which is a percentage several times higher.
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