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February 13, 2013
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Torturer re-design by torture-device Torturer re-design by torture-device
Finalized concept of Torturer's armor redesign, updated with helmet and new chestplate design.

Streamlined, almost fully symmetric now, more Slaanesh iconography and Doom Siren vents, tri-pack, simplified mask and gauntlet design, which also gained an injector weapon.

I'm happy, it's interesting to look at, easier to draw and makes more sense for a flying unit than the previous design. This character is progressing nicely.
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Coolio. Sems like his artificiers did a real good job! :D What's that left hand of his? Some sort of power fist or that arm add-on thing for apothecaries?
DasTierLockjaw Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright, must resist sounding fangirlish right now but WOW. This is... this is just pure badass, love the hairstyle as well as the armor. You never cease to amaze me~
Oh come on now sir, since when is anything in 40k ever symmetrical?

Honestly I prefer his old design, although I just noticed his arms have freaking belts for no reason in that picture. I definitely like the old Raptor claws better though, less animalistic and more of a cold, clean instrument of death. I admit it's good that you're stepping outside of "well this is how 40k does it so I better do it their way" territory and just doing whatever the fuck you like, but there's a reason your old "Corrupt the Righteous" picture is in my favourites.

Since you're adamant about the filter canisters, how about buffing up the shoulder armour? Not to the same 40k level, but just a bit so he still looks like the boss.

I do like the new crotch and thighs... wow, that sounds really what the fuck.
torture-device Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dunno bout claws man, I pondered about it and figured that with their geometry, the old claws would have problem gripping shit.

more buff? but he sould have trouble flying then, I specifically tried to shed all unneeded bulk in this redesign.
Look at Ork Stormboyz. Boss Zagstrukk has claws like that (only more ugly). The New Raptor GW pieces are just bulky marines with a jetpack on, so the jetpacks should be able to lift anything that isn't Terminator armour. Aerodynamics don't matter there. It's totally up to you.
Now, 200% more sniper-proof!
Zeta-Demon Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like the first heads mask (top) but could you change the hair?
I like his new legs. The claws feel raptor-y.
Very nice indeed. The lighter appearing chassis definitely suits a flyer more. The gauntlet still seems a bit bulky, but then again, it's supposed to. Not too sure about the new mask design(I was rather attached to the old one), but this one definitely fits with the new flavour. Good work.
CrimsonMagpie Feb 15, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I think this redesign works well, especially the feet/lower legs. One thing though; the shins would need two pistons in order to function correctly. ;p
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